vegetarian dishes are marked with a star*     Small Dishes    
vegan dishes are marked with two stars**   Two Pieces of Grilled Garlic Bread* 3,00
  Soup       Three Tomato Bruschetta*   4,20
Coconut-Lime-Thai Soup slightly hot 4,80   Greek Feta Cheese*   6,80
  with chicken, fresh vegetables and rice-noodles         with pita bread, olives, and lemon infused olive oil  
  big portion   7,80          
          Antipasti Misti*   7,90
Orange-Mango-Soup*   4,60     marinated and grilled vegetables with feta cheese and olive oil
  with spinach and quinoa              
          Assorted Cheeses*   9,20
            manchego taleggio camembert and mountain cheese with fig mustard
          Two Small Bunless Burgers   8,90
Salad     with potato-cucumber salad    
Breaded and fried Chicken, Styrian Style 13,20   Frankfurters   4,20
  with potato wedges, pumpkin seed oil, and mixed greens       two sausages served with mustard and pretzel  
Mixed salad with grilled goat cheese*   12,20   Weißwürst   5,20
  topped with honey and house dressing         two original bavarian white sausages     
            served with sweet mustard and pretzel    
Mixed Salad with grilled Swordfish    13,80          
  with bruschetta       Two Grilled French Merguez Sausages 8,90
            with potato-cucumber salad    
Mixed salad*   5,80          
          Obazter with Pretzel   7,50
  all salads and soups are served with a bread basket         bavarian cheese mixture of camembert and butter  
          Wurstsalat   6,90
            salad made of strips of sausage, onions, gherkins and oil and vinegar
          Swiss type (with Emmenthaler cheese) 7,90
Vegetarian* and Vegan** Dishes     Meat and Fish    
          Roastbeef (served cold) with Fried Potatoes 13,50
Red Thai Curry with Fresh Vegetables** 11,50     with tartar sauce    
  and basmati rice (spicy)              
          Red Thai Curry with Fresh Vegetables 13,90
Gnocchi with green asparagus*   11,80     with chicken and basmati rice (spicy)    
  with mountain cheese sauce              
          Roasted Pork   9,90
Parmigiana di Melanzane*   12,50     with dark beer sauce, dumplings, and side of coleslaw  
  Eggplants with mozzarella, basil, and tomatoes              
  with spinach side salad       Wiener Schnitzel   16,50
            the original veal schnitzel with french fries and side salad  
Penne al Arrabbiata**   8,60          
  Spicy tomato sauce with* or without** Parmesan cheese     Cordon Bleu   15,60
            filled with ham and cheese    
Roasted Mediterranean Vegetables*   9,80     with fried potatoes und side salad    
  with pitabread and tzatziki              
          Swabian Style Roast with Fried Onions 16,90
Grilled Goat Cheese topped with Honey* 12,80     with käsespätzle and side salad    
  on mediterranean vegetables              
          Grilled Meat Plate   18,90
Sweet-Potato-Squash Hash Browns**   13,80     beef, chicken, Merguez, Pleskavica with dips  
  with quinoa bananas and mangosalsa         provençal vegetables and gratinated potatoes  
Allgäuer Käsespätzle*   8,80   Grilled Calamari with Vegetables 13,40
  with side salad         with pita bread and tzatziki    
Tagliatelle with truffle oil   14,50   Matjes "German Housewife" Style 9,80
  with porcini and chanterelle in thyme butter         with potatoes and pickled apple and onion sour cream  
          Grilled Fish Plate   18,90
            swordfish red snapper and calamari with dips  
            provençal vegetables and gratinated potatoes  
Vegetarian Tapas Plate*   15,80          
  with Papas Arrugadas, avocado potato balls, marinated            
  vegetables, goat cheese filled mushroom and pepper,      Flambéed Crêpes*   6,30
  manchego cheese, asparagus quiche, olives, dips, baguette bread   with strawberries, vanilla ice cream, and triple sec  
Tapas Plate with Meat   16,80   Apfelkücherl*   6,50
  with chicken skewer, beef salad, bacon wrapped dates       fried apple rings with whipped cream and vanilla ice cream  
  serrano ham, papas arrugadas, avocado potato balls            
  manchego cheese, olives, dips, baguette bread       Lukewarm Chocolate Praline   5,90
            with whipped cream and vanilla ice cream    
Tapas Plate with Fish   17,80          
  red snapper and prawn skewer, calamari in garlic oil     Chokolate Tartuffo   5,80
  octopus salad, crab tempura, Papas Arrugadas         with fresh strawberries    
  avocado potato balls, olives, dips, baguette bread            
          Assorted Ice Cream*   6,60
Tapas Plate for Two   25,80     with fruits and whipped cream (Three scoops)  
  chef's choice of tapas with dips and baguette bread            
          Apple strudel*   3,80
            with vanilla sauce   4,10
  please understand that the tapas plates can not be        with whipped cream   4,20
  mixed among each other         with vanilla ice cream   4,80
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